DAP (Data Analytics & AI Platform)

DAP gives you the differentiated “answers” to the digital innovation needs in all areas of Value-Chain.

A cloud-based platform that integrates the process of big data value creation from structured / unstructured data collection to advanced analysis and visualization, and high-level AI service development environment.

DAP Key Features

Provide proven leading cases continuously

LG CNS provides advanced analytical models that gather analysis experiences from various industries and partner success stories as a complete model that can be immediately applied to customers' business.

Full-time collaboration system with expert group

We can resolve business problems rapidly through our full-time collaborative system with top-class expert group in various business domains, analysis types and application technique.

Deploy customized analysis environment immediately

We deploy End-to-End service environment including big data collection, advanced analysis, visualization and AI in less than an hour so that you don’t have to care about complicated configuration processes..

AI service for big data-based Industry

We provide environment for necessary engine and specialized learning to secure the quality and speed of AI-based business implementation, and support for creating real value through integration with big data analysis

DAP Detail Contents


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