Factova Connector

A communication protocol driver that enables direct communication among sensors, equipment and systems

LG's Factova Connector is a smart factory communication protocol driver that enables direct connection among various sensors, equipment and systems with the standard protocols including OPC-UA and SECS.

Factova Connector key features

Expediting the standardization of the data communication

Factova Connector accelerates standardization of the data communication by supporting the SECS and OPC-UA protocols.

Direct connection between devices and systems

Possible to directly connect various sensors, devices, and equipment to the upper systems such as MES, ERP, or equipment control system.

Data communication processing without data loss

Factova Connector automatically reconnect the communication connection when there is a communication loss and also prevents data loss by using a connection monitoring system that guarantees data buffering, duplicated storage and delivery in the data access server.

Factova SECS/OPC-UA Certification

Direct communication among sensors, equipment, and systems

Factova Connector Expected Benefits

Flexible system configuration through the direct communication between devices and systems

You can configure the system in any way you like since Factova Connector makes a device directly communicate with a system without going through every layers of systems step by step

No data loss and no difficulties in handling a complex data structure

Factova Connector guarantees no data loss and is able to handle a complex data structure. It is an essential solution in areas where data loss should not occur, such as chemical and pharmaceutical industries or major production line.

Enhanced security

Factova Connecter blocks unauthorized external data access and so it supports secure vertical integration in manufacturing system structure.