Factova Control

PC based equipment controlling solution for easy and fast control of manufacturing / logistics / utility equipment

Factova Control is a smart factory solution that enables you to easily and quickly build a control system without any programming knowledge.

Factova Control Key Features

Providing a range of device drivers and equipment control library

Factova Control supports various industry standard fieldbus and communication protocol and so a range of equipment for manufacturing, logistics and utility made from different manufacturers can be easily connected and controlled.

Easy and fast set-up

Factova Control provides a variety of services and modules for equipment control including the standard equipment control service libraries and the industry specialized libraries. Using the control modules, the users can easily set up the control system.

Easy user control scenario and control screen configuration

Factova Control provides the simulation environment and user friendly tools. The user can build a control logic by configuring the equipment control scenario without any programming and control screen by drag & drop the components.

Factova Control Expected Benefits

Efficient comprising of various equipment

Achieving the highest operation efficiency per facility area by comprising the various equipment such as Robots, loaders, and motors from different manufactures.

Enhancing the overall equipment performance

Dramatically reducing the set-up time and enhancing the overall equipment performance by standardizing the control specification at the site.

Proactive response to various equipment and process changes

Stable operation and maintenance of various equipment with consistent control logic. Proactively responding at any changes in process and equipment with user-friendly tools and modelling based configuration.



ECS 1(Equipment Control System)


ECS 2(Equipment Control System)

Packet classifier

Packet classifier

Integrated warehouse controller

Integrated warehouse controller