Factova Lync

Gateway solution for quick and easy data connection between equipment and upper systems at manufacturing sites

LG's Factova Lync is a smart factory solution that connects data from various equipment at manufacturing site to the higher-level systems without any expert knowledge on programming

Factova Lync Key Features

Providing various equipment libraries for data interface

Easy and quick data connection between various equipment at the manufacturing site and the systems by using the prepared libraries

Supporting global standard protocols in industry communication

There is no constrained data connectivity by supporting most connections using Fieldbus such as Serial, Socket, Modbus, DeviceNet, SECS, and HSMS.

Easy runtime configuration

Easy and flexible configuration of runtime environment using Modeler and stable management of mass equipment instances

Factova Lync Expected Benefits

Integrated management of various equipment through data connection

Using the various interfacing adaptors provided from Factova Lync, data can be collected from the different types of equipment and effectively transferred to the higher systems

Modelling based development and operation environment

Easy to change or expend the connection according to equipment composition. Maintenance cost saving with efficient instance management for a large scale of equipment.

Establishing quick and stable equipment connection

Reducing the set-up time and improving the connection quality by using the standardized interfaces for various equipment