An IoT solution collecting data from various types of equipment and sensors in the industrial field

LG's INFIOT is a base solution to build a smart factory solution by quickly and easily collecting the data from the industry site.

INFioT Key Features

Supporting a variety of communication methods and protocols

No restriction on equipment or sensor to be monitored with a variety of communication methods such as Ethernet, Wifi, Zigbee, Bluetooth and LTE and communication protocols such as Modbus, JSON, and OPC UA provided from INFioT.

Easy and quick connection with equipment and sensors

Adding the sensors and the equipment in INFioT IoT platform in an easy and convenient way. Graphics User Interface makes a user add a new sensor to monitor by following the 6 simple steps without any programming.

Prompt judgement at the site through real-time monitoring

Providing the real-time monitoring services by using in-memory DB and possible to make a prompt judgement for abnormal cases at the site by embedding the analysis models in a gateway.

INFioT Expected Benefits

Easy data collection to expedite transformation to smart factory

Data collection is a key factor to build a smart factory. INFioT helps it in a more easy way with predeveloped interface adaptors and GUI.

Proactive response to quality and equipment problem

Possible to control the equipment or quality issues proactively by forecasting the abnormalities rather than post-processing afterward.

Saving the time on learning the system with a user-friendly operating environment

INFioT provides a user-friendly screen builder that the users can create any types of monitoring screens by configuration and also APIs which can easily connect with other systems.

INFioT Market Place


INFioT operates a Market Place where you can download the modules that you want to use


When you download a module, it will be added in the menu bar at the left side of user screen as shown below.