Factova iPharmMES

Pharmaceutical specific MES for easy and convenient management of strict regulations in pharmaceutical industry

Factova iPharmMES is a smart factory solution that is optimized for the pharmaceutical industry with many regulations

Factova iPharmMES Key Features

Strict and tight compliance of the complicated regulations in pharmaceutical industry

Factova iPharmMES is designed to automatically comply the multiple regulations such as GMP, CFR Part 11, and GAMP. All the regulations are systemized and applied in the solution by using paperless electronic workflows. Role-based processes are applied to control the electronic workflow for approval, and this ensures safe version management of your manufacturing documents.

Enhanced work convenience with the various modelling tools designed for the users

The work process can be easily organized and administered using Recipe Designer and the users can create all the reports as they want to with Report Builder.

Completed solution with the best practices proved in various references

The standardized best practices that can be used in various pharmaceutical companies. They are completed from the best knowledges accumulated in implementing and operating the major domestic pharmaceutical companies in Korea.

Factova iPharmMES Expected Benefits

Proactive deviation prevention by monitoring the processes in real-time

Real-time based quality monitoring in production process prevents the mass deviation in advance and minimizes the damages in finished products.

Maximizing productivity with automated system

Applying the systems to the areas where the process can be automatized, such as electronic batch records, and in-process inspections, maximizes the production efficiency.

Improvement of overall work efficiency with human error-free work processes

The common human errors in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, such as input of wrong materials, equipment setting errors, filling errors, and packing errors, can be eliminated and so the overall work efficiency will be improved.