Factova MES

Manufacturing execution and management system for maximizing the productivity and the efficiency

Factova MES is a smart factory solution that product efficiency and operator convenience and operator convenience.

Factova MES Key Features

Multiple industrial specific functions applicable to the various industries

A ready-made solution based on LG CNS’s vast experience and accumulated operation knowledge in various industries (Inside LG Group: LED, electronics, petrochemical materials, optical materials, modules, cosmetics, outside LG group: automobile, heavy machinery, food and beverage).

Proactive response to continuous changes in production process

BizActor, LG CNS’s modelling and configuration based platform, enables the users to build and change their business logic as they want without any coding.

Integrated management of whole production by interfacing all the data from inventory, equipment, and quality systems

Factova MES makes you manage the whole factory in a integrated view by interfacing all the key data from inventory, equipment, and production quality.

Factova MES Structure

Factova MES maximizes the system usability by customizing the UI with the different features according to the user's needs and their jobs. The users can build and change their business logic as they want to using BizActor.

Factova MES Expected Benefits

Optimized factory operation in an integrated viewpoint

The most efficient operation satisfying the local optimization for each process and the overall optimization for whole production line

Quick responses to continuous changes in a site with user-friendly system

Easy customization of features and master data as required using Factory Modeler

Ready-made solution with 70 years of manufacturing best knowledge of LG Group

Quick adoption of LG Group's 70 years of experience in manufacturing since LG’s best operating knowledge from various industry is accumulated in the solution

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